27 Nov 2017

Kalevala Cal - Lemminkäinen

We are up to square 7 of this epic tale and although I’m finding it challenging, I’m enjoying every minute working on it. 
It may have something to do with the fact that the stepmum of my good friend Tracey comes from Finland and when we were all away together in the summer, Kija was telling me a little about her childhood and how they had to run their village, with no shoes, leaving all their possessions behind.
This square is called Lemminkäinen and was designed by Mirva Nikkanen  Lemminkäinen is a prominent  figure in Finnish mythology and in the Kalevala he becomes a fusion of two war heroes, Kaukomieli and Ahti Saarelain.
Lemminkainen of the islands,
Warlike hero, Kaukomieli,
Undertakes to win the maiden,
Woo and win the Sahri-flower,
Win a bride so highly honored,
Win the maid with golden tresses,

(Kalevala poem 11, 61-66)
I think I had my thick head on while working the three circles in the centre.    I kept getting them twisted and must have frogged them at least four times before getting them to look right.

All the patterns of the squares for the Finnish project, ‘Kalvala Crochet-a-Long’ can be found Here.
Happy Crocheting!

Yarn used for my throws  - King Cole Melody Double Knitting
Throw 1 – Butterscotck – shade 3099

Throw 2 – Humbug – shade 1676

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