22 Jan 2022

Dreaming of Daisies

I’ve not  picked up ‘Dreaming of Daisies’ from Rosewood Manor since starting it as part of May-nia last year and I had forgotten how much I love stitching on it.

Back then, I had only stitched on it for seven days and this is where I left it.

Now I’ve picked it up again and worked on it for another seven day and have made good progress again because I couldn’t put it down.

I finished off page two and then completed page 3, so I’m actually half way through the design now.

Happy Stitching!



Chart – Dreaming of Daisies – Rosewood Manor

Fabric – 36ct Zweigart Edenborough Linen – Aqua

Threads- Weeks Dye Works overdyed threads – called for

Band Sampler 'Souvenir' Sal – Victoria Sampler

I don’t think I’ve ever started so many new SAL’s/part works in just one month!

This SAL came about after I saw some posts on Facebook, from stitchers' that had worked on a free SAL from Victoria Samplers last year.

I really loved the finished pieces I had seen, especially as they was full of specialist stitches, so joined the group straight away, but unfortunately all the free charts were removed on December 31st  and I missed out.

I was sad for a while, but then I noticed they were doing a new SAL for 2022 …….and I’m not missing out on this one Lol!

It will be a band sampler with lots of specialty stitches and the parts will be released every Friday, finishing in  April.

They suggest stitching on 28ct linen, and give you a colour chart to download each week, but encourage your to do your own thing with regard your colour pallet.

I've decided to stitch mine on 32ct Murano Evenweave in Antique White and go with an autumn pallet, using overdyed and metallic threads and will be adding beads.

Part 1 was a cute little house and flowers done with cross stitch, back stitch and some French knots, but I was planning to change the knots for beads, so I left them off until the project is finished, so as not to crush them whilst working on it.

Week 2 we added a cross stitched heart with a pretty Rhodes Heart in the centre.

And part 3 is a Bargello border, with back stitch and cross stitch, but I swapped my cross stitch for Colonial Knots.

It was at this point I also decided to add Colonial knots to part 1 instead of the beads I had planned.

 My list of materials is documented below.

Happy Stitching!



 Weeks Dye Works,

 1121 – Straw,  1183 – Artichoke,  1224 – Amber,  1227 – Bright Leaf,  1273 – Grape Vine,  1321 – Williamsburg,  2200 – Kudzu

Classic Colorworks,

Colonial Copper,

The Gentle Art

7042-  Raven

Madeira Glissen Gloss Rainbow

114,   25.


872,  1018

13 Jan 2022

Little Sheep Virtues – Hope

 This is my second go at starting this project!

 Initially, I started stitching 'Little Sheep Virtues' from Little House Needleworks, on 32ct Vintage Country Mocha Linen, 2 over 2 and had planned to finish them as little pillows.

But having stitched  ‘Hope’ and ‘Courage’ and purchased the woollen fabric for the backs, I changed my mind on how I wanted to finish them.

I’d seen that people were stitching them all on one large piece of fabric with another chart, 'Sheep in the Meadow' from Country Cottage Needleworks in the centre, but unfortunately, I had already cut off the two I had stitched and there wasn’t enough fabric left, so I purchased a new piece, 36ct this time and stitched 1 over two for the re-start. 

I’m aiming to add one Virtue to the piece each month while at the same time working on Sheep in the Meadow in the centre.

Just for comparison,

                 36ct 1 over two     -     32ct two over two


 Happy Stitching!



6 Jan 2022

A Year of Bouquets

What better way to begin the year than with a beautiful yearlong stitch from the very talented Jeanette Douglass!

Although she is not actually running a Sal, she is releasing twelve monthly freebies, together with a beautiful border, so you stitch them as one, or individually as I am going to do.

 January’s chart was a cute Pineapple plant.

I originally stitched the border on this panel in the called for Weeks Dye Works 'Grits' but it didn't really show up very well on my fabric, so I switched it out for Cocoa, which I'm much happier with. 

I just have to hope it will look ok with all the other panels as they are released........fingers crossed!


Happy Stitching!



Chart – Mini Bouquets – January

Designer – Jeanette Douglas Designs

Fabric – 36ct Christmas Cookie Collection - Nicholas Flamel Design

Threads – Weeks Dye Works (called for & DMC substitutes)


Start – 4th January

Finish – 5th January


The Snowflower Dairies – Joyful World re-start

 3rd January

You may remember, I started this Sal last summer, when I stitched 3 panels on Honeydew Green fabric, only to decide I didn’t like the colour.  I then started again and stitched June, and July.

This year is the year I actually finish it!

The project  was a free Sal from 2016 and the panels are all very cute, so I’m looking forward to working on them throughout the year.

Here is January, with sweet Mr Fox.

 Happy Stitching!



Chart – Joyful World – January

Designer – The Snowflower Diaries – Maja Matyas

Fabric – 32ct Murano Evenweave – Beige

Threads – DMC (called for & substitutes)

Start – 1st January

Finish – 3rd January


1 Jan 2022

2021 Round up

 Well, it’s been an interesting year to say the least.

Covid 19 is still running rife, especially in the London area, but given my health problems I have been especially careful and have managed to avoid coming into contact with anyone infected with it. 

The knock on effect of that was that I had lots of time to stitch! 

In 2020 I did very little stitching, spending most of my time knitting and crocheting and that was the way I started 2021 too, crocheting lap blankets with oddment of wool and knitting dolls clothes.

But then everything changed when,  quite by accident I discovered floss tube……...do I really need to say more? 

Apart from charts I’d never seen before, I quickly realized I needed project bags for my cross stitch and needle minders from Etsy!

I started an Instagram account and there were also groups on Facebook  to explore.

In the summer there was ‘virtual’ cross stitch camp, three months of stitching challenges, and then there was Black Sampler November. so lots to keep me occupied.

There were lots of first too:-

I joined in with my first SAL.

I stitched designers that I had never stitched before.

I stitched on 40ct fabric for the first time.

I charted some motifs for an un-finished sampler

I made my first Black Sampler.

  I finished my first drum. 
And  I started my first Chatelaine – Butterfly Lace Mandala.


I have had a tally up of the things I worked on over the year and stitching wise I had 62 finishes and 47  Fully Finishes (25 of which were the Madame Chantilly Advent Calendar.

I also have 5 Wips and several charts lined up and ready to go, so it’s looking like another busy year ahead of me.

So with that, there's nothing left to say other than I hope 2022 is fun, stitchy one for you.

Happy Stitching!



31 Dec 2021

Finishing Frenzy!

As we race headlong towards 2022,  I wanted to get a few things completed before the end of the year.

Stitching wise, I completed my forth in the Blackbird Designs series, For the Birds.

The Light Upon the Lawn will join the others, to be made into a little heritage book commemorating my Grandparents on both sides of the family,  my mum and dad, two brothers and myself.

 Temperature Tree, designed by Stitchin’ Mommy on Etsy was my next finish.

My final three finishes were stitched and FFO’d.

All were Christmas pillows, that unfortunately I didn’t manage to done before the big day, but at least I have a head start for next year!

Silver Bells was the chart from the Stitch Tool Box (Etsy) Mystery Box 2021.

Noel and Tis the Season were both charts from Christmas Cheer Pin Keeps, designed by Jeanette  Douglas.

I had one final finish of a stitch that I did back in 2013.

At the time ‘Summer Splendor’ from Little House Needleworks was a traveling chart, being passed from stitcher to stitcher as we finished it.

Mine just sat in my sewing box after it was done but I decided to have a go at making my first drum.

Happy Stitching!