15 May 2017

Come on Barbie, Lets of Party!

Who would have thought that at the age of 60, I would still be playing with Barbie Dolls!

Well that’s not really accurate, but I did buy a cheap one recently so that I could make some clothes for my Goddaughter’s  two girls.
I did a search on the internet and found  a great site full of patterns for all sorts of things and many of them free.

Freya had a beautiful, big Barbie house for her birthday that she will share with her sister Ava and it has a swimming pool, so the first thing I made was a swimming cossie.


Two crocheted sun dresses complete with matching bags and sun hats.


Knitted cropped trousers with a crop top.
There was also a knitted dress and jacket that I found a free pattern on Pintrest.
And finally, Barbie even has her very own Unicorn hat to match the ones I’ve made for the girls.
Happy Crafting,
Whatever your passion may be!

14 May 2017

Unicorns are Real!

When I found out that my Goddaughter’s eldest daughter, Ava (aged 3 ½) loves Unicorns, I decided to make her a Unicorn hat, as mentioned on here last month.

As it turned out this one was a little small for Ava, so her little sister is going to have this one and I’ve now completed a slightly larger one for her which I will be delivering to them on Wednesday this week.


Even Barbie has her own Unicorn hat.

Can’t wait to see their little faces!

Happy Crafting,

Whatever your passion may be!



2 May 2017

Still going Nuts!

My throw, ‘Nuts about Lavender Fields’ is coming along nicely and I’ve made 15 of the 32 needed to complete it….trouble is I’m getting impatient waiting for Thursday each week for the next part of the pattern.

I have weeks 4 and 5 to share this time.

The first three squares from week 4 are ‘Le Vesinet’, designed by Sigrun Hugoey.

I have to say, all those little circles were a bit of a challenge. 

Week 5  is a pretty floral square called ‘Rachel’, and was designed by Melissa Green.

I have no idea what the border is going to be like but I think my throw is going to be very pretty when all the squares are done and joined together. 
Here are all the squares so far.
Happy Crocheting!

15 Apr 2017

Week 3 - Nuts about Lavender Fields - CAL

The CAL is coming along fine and we are already a quarter of the way through our squares, having done a further three.

This week design is Denna by Polly Plum.

I have to say, I wasn’t sure if I liked this one as it was very misshapen
as I was working on it but once it had been blocked I was happier.
Happy Crocheting!

Now I believe in Unicorns

" There's something about little girls and unicorns that's deep and meaningful.......something about childhood."
When my Goddaughters little girl said she loved Unicorns, I knew exactly what I was going to make for her………a Unicorn Hat!

I had seen the free pattern on Ravelry, a fantastic resource for knitting and crocheting, and I decided it would be perfect for her.

Mine has a few little tweaks to the original pattern, as in a contrast inner ear and I also added ear flaps and braids, so h
opefully Ava will love it.

Now I’m just waiting for some measurements from her mum, so I know whether to make a larger or smaller one, so her sister can have one too.

Happy Crocheting!

10 Apr 2017

Week Two - Nuts about Lavender Fields - CAL

I’ve had fun over the weekend, enjoying the wonderful weather and working on my CAL (crochet-a-long) project, Nuts about Lavender Fields.
Mind you, it didn’t go completely without a hitch.

I was finding it difficult to follow their written patterns because the US terms for the stitches relate to different stitches here in the uk. 
For instance, the pattern would call for a single crochet, which is a double crochet here or a treble which over here is a double treble and so it goes on.  You can understand how easy it was for me to get confused, Lol.
But not all was lost……….   Esther Dijkstra, who designed the CAL has supplied a fantastic video link on her blog   It’s all in a Nutshell.

Problem solved!

So, these are the three squares from week 1
Esme’s Winter Cottage designed by the fabulous Dedri Uys

All the squares are waiting to be blocked

And these are from week 2.

Spiro Star designed by Helen Shrimpton


Looking forward to Thursday now, when week 3 is released.

Happy Crocheting!




31 Mar 2017

Nuts About Lavender Fields - CAL

The long awaited day for the Crochet-A-Long (CAL)hosted by The Official CCC Social Group    has finally arrived, so it was hook to the ready this morning as soon as the pattern for the first squares was posted over at It’s all in a Nutshell.    

 At first I didn’t think I was going to be able to join in straight away because I’m still waiting for one of the shades of yarn to arrive.  But when the first weeks instructions were  posted, I realised we had to make three squares using the same design but different shades, fortunately I was able to do one of them. 

I really enjoyed working on this and can't wait for the rest of my yarn. I've managed to track down some in Denmark would you believe! 

The good news is that it should be here some time next week, so I might just get the other two squares crocheted before Week 2 instructions are available.

Happy Crocheting!