8 Dec 2018

Pimp My Christmas Stocking

When visiting a garden centre recently to see their Christmas displays, a friend of mine purchased three stockings for her two Nieces children.
She asked if I would embroider their names on them for her…….. 

but me being me went one step further and pimped all the stockings by adding beads and sequins, so they sparkled.

Happy Crafting!
(Whatever you passion may be)

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27 Nov 2018

Kalevala CAL - The Remaining Squares

Warning – this is picture heavy

Although I finished my two Kalevala Throws last December, in time to give them as Christmas pressies to a couple of friends, I didn’t actually share all the squares with you, so here we go………

Square 8 - King of all Waters, designed by Anne Vierimaa  

Square 9 - The Kalevala Sea, designed by  Tuula Kyrölä
Square 10 - Fertile Fields of Väinölä ,  designed by Taina Tauschi
Square 11 - Joukahainen in the Swamp, designed by Taina Ilvonen
Square 12 - Miracle of Growth,  designed by Soile Olmari

Square 13 - Nothing conquers the Vuoksi, designed  by Seija Ervelius
Square 14 - Forging the Sampo,  designed  by Marika Nordling 
Square 15 - Swan of Tuonela,  designed by Arni Oksanen
Square 16 -  Maiden's Spindle, designed by Johanna Nuorela
Square 17 - Fire and Light, designed by Heli Isoniemi

Square 18 - The Pohjola Wedding, designed by Taina Tauschi 
Square 19 – Tellervo - designed by Annika Yrjölä
Square 20 – Tapio – designed by  Milla Elo
Square 21 – Bird Home – designed by  Tuula Kyrölä: 
 Bonus 2 – Moose Hunt – designed by Maija-Leena Autio
Square 22 – Marjatta – designed by Taina Tauschi:
Bonus 3 - The People of Pohjola – designed by Anne Vierimaa
Square 23 – Harp – designed by  Anne Vierimaa
Square 24 - The theft of Sampo – designed by Marika Nordling

Bonus 1 -  Fingers into curves of fingers – designed by Seija Ervelius
Bonus 4  -  Lönnrot – designed by Sari Marttila:
Joining – Väinämöinen – designed by Sari Åström
And finally the border  - The Maiden of Pohjola – designed by Sari Åström

Happy Crafting, whatever you passion may be!
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26 Nov 2018

The Girls Are Back In Town!

The final two Celtic Sisters (Celtic Summer and Celtic Winter) are back from the framers and as always   Frames of London  have done a wonderful job.

The previous two I had done in the same style frames, one Silver, one Gold and I had intended to do the same with this pair, but much to my disappointment they have stopped doing the Silver version, so I went with the Gold for them and had the Silver one changed to Gold, so they all match.
Now I have the whole collection – The four Seasons and Celtic Christmas.
Can you spot my mistake?

Somehow I managed to stitch Celtic Autumn on 36ct instead of 32ct, making her smaller than her sisters.
Just as well I’m not planning to hang them all together, but will the Virgo in take over and make me stitch her again……….
Only time will tell!

There was also a little hitch with my Mirabila ‘Crystal Christmas’, which went in to be framed at the same time as the others. 

I had a phone call to say all four of my projects were ready to be collected, but the night before I realized I had miss off a very important thing……...the Crystal Star on the top of the tree. 

My plan now would be to carefully take it out of the frame when I got it home, stitch it on from the front, so as to not have to undo all the stretching threads and then re-seal it into the frame.   
I did mention the fact that I blundered when I got the call, not expecting them to do anything about it, but the lady I spoke to very kindly said to fetch the star and thread with me and they would take it out of the frame for me so I could stitch it on in the shop.
To my amazement, when I got there they had taken it out, and undone all the stretching, making it much easier to stitch the star on.
I collected it a week later, after it had been stretched again and re-framed. 

I can’t praise them enough because they didn’t charge me for their extra work, so please keep them in mind if you are ever looking for someone to frame your precious work, I can recommend them. 
They have been doing mine since 1996 and I can’t fault them.

Happy Crafting!
(Whatever you passion may be)

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24 Nov 2018

2018 minus One Month - Part 4………..nearly there!

My Mirabilia, Crystal Christmas is now complete and is ready to be taken to the framers along with my last two Celtic Ladies.  Celtic Summer and Winter have been finished for some time but I just never got around to having the framed, so now’s the time.

Since finishing Crystal Christmas I’ve been busy working on my Burcilla ‘White Christmas’ stocking.  

I just love these kits and have made six stockings and a tree skirt but of them all, this has been my favorite to work on.  I did make one little change to the metallic thread which should have been silver.  I changed mine to Gold, to fit in with my Christmas décor.

Happy Crafting!
(Whatever you passion may be)

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