1 Oct 2017

Crochet-a-Long............ you're having a laugh!

The Kavevala Cal   continues  and tomorrow we should be making square 12 of the 24 needed to make the throw, but for me CAL stands for ‘Crochet-a-Catch-up’  rather than ‘Crochet-a-Long’.

I don’t know if the problem has been that I’m making two throws at the same time (so twice the squares) or the fact that I also have a Stardust Melodies throw on the go, as well as two Troll hats, but whatever the reason I’ve struggled to keep up and am running a week behind at the moment.
So, when last we spoke, I had just finished square 3, ‘Birth of the World’.

Square 4, ‘Hidden Sun’ , which represents the story of Hostess of Pohjola hiding the sun in the mountain, is next up.  The sun peeks out of the mountain, surrounded by stones and moss.

Hides the Moon, no more to glimmer,
In a rock of many colors;
Hides the Sun, to shine no longer,
In the iron-banded mountain.

(Poem 47, 21-24)

The fifth square is ‘Big Oak, The World Tree’  and was designed by Maija-Leena Siuvatti.
I can understand why the mighty oak would have a place in this epic tale because when I see an oak myself and I can’t help but wonder about its age and all the things it must have seen during its existence and those things that are still to come.
Spread the oak-tree's many branches,
Rounds itself a broad corona,
Raises it above the storm-clouds;
Far it stretches out its branches,
Stops the white-clouds in their courses,
With its branches hides the sunlight,
With its many leaves, the moonbeams,
And the starlight dies in heaven.


More squares to follow later.
Yarn used  - King Cole Melody Double Knitting
Throw 1 – Butterscotck – shade 3099
Throw 2 – Humbug – shade 1676
Happy Crocheting!


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