6 Sep 2017

Kalevala Cal - Maailman Synty - Birth of the World

Here we are at the 3rd square of the Finnish, Kavevala
 crochet-a-long, and the square, called Maailman  Synty or Birth of the World, which was designed by Soile Olmari.

The mythology continues   :-

Bluebill has laid her eggs, it's time to incubate them and tell about the birth of the world.

Sits upon her eggs to hatch them,
Quickly warms them on the knee-cap
Of the hapless water-mother;
Hatches one day, then a second,
Then a third day sits and hatches.

I’m still continuing to crochet with variegated yarn and am fairly happy with the way my squares are turning out.

Happy Crocheting!



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