6 Sep 2017

Kalevala - Sotkan Pesä ( Bluebill’s Nest)

The second square in the Kalevala Cal is designed by Taina Tauschi  and is called Sotkan Pesä.  ( Bluebill’s Nest)

The Kalevala saga  tells how Bluebill, a graceful bird, made her nest on the knee of the maiden Ilmatar, and laid six golden eggs and one iron egg in her nest. Bluebill´s hatched eggs burned the maiden´s feet and when Ilmatar moved her knee, the eggs fell from the nest, broke into pieces and got flung into the sky. These splinters of eggshells made the World:  Sky and Earth, the Sun, the Moon and the Stars.

Thence she flies and hovers slowly,
Lightly on the knee she settles,
Finds a nesting-place befitting,
Where to lay her eggs in safety.
Here she builds her humble dwelling,
Lays her eggs within, at pleasure,
Six, the golden eggs she lays there,
Then a seventh, an egg of iron.
(Poem I, 207 - 212)
The full verse can be found Here

The instructions for this square and all the others in the Cal can be found on Sari’s Blog
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