30 Aug 2017

A Coming Together of Two Crafts

I’m still very much a novice when it comes to quilting, but when I saw this little quilt, I knew I had to give it a go. 
The  ‘High Tea’ Fusion Quilt, which is designed by Tiffany Behmer,  is a coming together of  pretty quilted squares that are joined together with crochet.

The first step was cut 72 fabric squares and 36 squares of batting, sew them together, turn the right way out and finish off with a row of machine stitching ¼” all the way around each one.
 Next  blanket stitch evenly around the outside of each one.
 Once that is done, it’s just a case of crocheting around them all and stitching the squares together and finishing with a border around the outside.


The pattern for this quilt can found for free over on  Ravelry.
Happy Crafting!
Whatever your passion may be



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