29 Aug 2017

Sophie Loves Lilla Bjorn – Winter Blanket - Dandelion Mandala

August Catch-Up……. Part  4

The pattern for this blanket has been around since 2015 and I’ve had my eyes on it for some time, but this month, I finally got around to purchasing the yarn and pattern and made a start.
It’s a combination of several patterns, Circles of the Sun, Dandelion Mandala, Sophie’s Garden, Dandelion Border, Sophie’s Roses, Large Dandelion Border and Dancing Dandelions that come together to create a beautiful highbred.
I made a visit to my favourite on-line wool supplier, The Wool Warehouse   and within a couple of days it arrived and I was ready to start.

The pattern suggests that you start with the Circles of the Sun Squares,
to get used to the way the pattern is written and the overlay stitches that are used throughout, but as I had just recently finished the Stardust Melodies Cal, which also uses overlay crochet, I decided to jump right in and start with the Dandelion Mandala first. 
Just out of curiosity I thought I would keep a note of the time it takes to make this throw, and after my first  12 hours  and 10 minutes, I had the mandala finished.
The next step is to square it off , combining the patterns from Sophie's Garden and the Dandelion Border.

Happy Crafting!

Whatever your passion may be.



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