2 Sep 2017

Stardust Melodies – Crochet – a- Long

We started with ‘Begin the Beguine’ and ended with ‘I Wish You Love’, with a sprinkling of Stormy Weather and Pennies from Heaven in-between and that can only mean one thing………...

My Stardust Melodies Throw is now complete!


I loved every minute working on this, so much so that there’ll be no rest for my crochet hook …….I have the yarn and am about to start another in shades of Grey!

Happy Crafting!

Whatever your passion may be




  1. I happened on your blog as I was trying to decide on a joining method for my own Stardust Melodies blanket, and I just love what you've done. Looking at the photos, it looks like you did a round of 2sc ch1 repeats in your join color on eat square, then a flat braid join. Is that correct?

  2. Hi, yes that's exactly right. I wanted the join to lay flat and this seemed to be the best option.