29 Jun 2017

Crafter's React to the Terror Attacks

It’s been back to quilting for me over the last week, participating in a joint project with my fellow crafters who belong to the Helping Hands Facebook Group. 

Over the last few months some members of the group have been working on a wonderful project, making quilts for those injured in the Manchester and London terror attacks, to show that there are people out there who want to show them support and wrap them in love.
To date, in excess of 50 amazing quilts have been made and donated to those affected.
I myself didn’t feel confident enough to attempt a full sized quilt all on my own, but when the call was given, asking for people to make individual blocks that would be  made into a quilt for the policeman who was seriously injured in the London Bridge/Borough Market attack, I thought this was something I could help with.

Each block made will have a message of support or thanks and the plan is that one of the members will co-ordinate the blocks from all across the country and make the final quilt.

Here are my four blocks and my first attempt at Japanese Folded block.
And this is a photo of the blocks created so far by the group.

And this is a photo of the blocks already made by other members of the group.
Happy Stitching!


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