30 May 2017

Nuttier Than Ever................About Lavender Fields.

I’m still plodding away with the ‘Nuts About Squares’ CAL and have three more weeks’ worth of squares to share.
Week  6  - ‘Bavarian Beauty’ designed by Heather Gibbs.

Week 7 - Fantastic’ designed by Julie Yeager.

Week 8 was a little different, in that we worked two different patterned blocks.
The first was two blocks of ‘Cat’s Claw by Margaret McInnes

And lastly we had to make just one block of the beautiful ‘ Tropical Delight, designed by Susan Stevens. 
But I loved it so much I made an extra one and am considering doing another. 

I think, no, I know this is my most favourite of all the blocks so far!

Happy Crafting,

Whatever your passion may be!



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