22 Jul 2014

Celtic Winter

Last month I finally finished my fifth Celtic Lady, Celtic winter.

Right from the very start I had misgivings about the colours used in this project, but wanted to stay true to Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum’s original design and stuck with it. In fact, I stayed true to all five designs, with one exception and that was the addition of the falling leaves on Celtic Autumn.  
My first pet hate on this design was the use of Gold thread. 
I know that Gold threads were used in all five pieces, so they all tie in together but the Gold really wasn’t shouting Winter to me.

This was  closely followed by the colour of the fabric which was Smokey Pearl Linen and the fact that the Grey shading on the dress was too dark in my opinion, but despite all that I still enjoyed stitching her.

 As soon as I finished her, I started work on a piece of Blackwork and strange as it may seem, my piece of Blackwork is actually White! 

It’s going to be a Wedding Sampler for my Nephew and his new Wife, who got married in Greece back in June.

Here’s a few sneak peeks.

And I have another project all lined up (well sort of)  for when the Sampler if finished.

With all five Celtic ladies under my belt,  I plan to stitch Celtic Winter again, but this time using Thalie’s  conversion with the cloak and hood. 

I’ve not settled on the colours yet but it will definitely have Silver in this one and I was thinking along the lines of  a deep rich Purple or Blue for the cloak and White dress with shading of pale lavender or Blue.   I’ve not decided yet but am leaning more towards the Mauve shades because all the other designs have those colours in too.

Happy Stitching!




  1. it is a beautiful finish. I look forward to seeing your other version as it sounds lovely.

  2. Oh Sue. This is stunning. I just love the colours, I realise you have misgivings but this is too stunning not to like. But if you really don't like it I am sure I could find a space for it! Haa Haa!
    Just took a peek at Autumn too. Another beauty.

  3. She turned out beautiful. Congrats on your finish.

    The blackwork looks beautiful, too.

  4. Absolutely wonderful.
    Great stitching.

  5. I was wondering where you were, been a while since you updated your blog! Beautiful finish! She is gorgeous! I look forward to seeing you do this again in the colors you prefer! The blackwork is coming along beautifully as well!

  6. Beautiful finish! I really love the Celtic ladies but have never tried stitching any of them! Can't wait to see your completed blackwork.
    Happy Stitching