5 Aug 2014

Wedding Sampler

Just five days into August and I have my first finish of the month stitched but not framed.  

OK I own up, I didn’t stitch it in just five days. 
I started stitching on the 19th June  and finished adding the beads on Friday 1st August, so it still only took me fourteen days to complete, which wasn’t bad going.

 This beautiful Blackwork Wedding Sampler is Called ‘United in Love’,  and is from a company called X-Calibre Designs.


I’ve used a bit of artistic licence and added a few more Blackwork motifs and extra beading to mine.

Now all I have to do is get it framed and then next up I'm going to stitch some panels for a charity group I stitch for.    

Happy Stitching!

Just spotted a deliberate mistake.
Last motif next to the date has no did I manage that.
At least I noticed before it was framed!