16 Mar 2014

Celtic Autumn & Celtic Winter……………..and some knitting!

Oh my, where have the weeks gone?

I can’t believe that I’ve not updated this blog since the end of November…….that’s almost four months ago!  
It doesn’t mean to say that I’ve not been keeping myself busy though because I’ve had my knitting needles out as well as my sewing needles.
I’m very pleased to say that my first cross stitch finish of 2014 is  Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum’s beautiful Celtic Autumn, so that’s four down and one to go.

I was very  tempted to work her in the Autumn conversion colours that a lot of people are doing, but in the end I decided to go with the original colours, but decided that I would still add the falling leaves.

  Janet Granger  helped me out with the chart for the leaves which  were  designed by a lady called Crystal.  She was better known as  “Ice Queen “on her blog but  unfortunately I’m not able to give you the link to it because it seems to have disappeared.

I’ve gone straight on to stitching Celtic Winter and again I was tempted by the various conversions that I’ve seen, but in the end stayed true to Marilyn’s original colours.

This is where I am after four evenings of stitching.
Now then, as I said at the start, I’ve had my knitting needles out.
I started by knitting myself I nice big, baggy, chunky jumper and liked the style and fit so much that I knitted two more, using the pattern for the number of stitches and creating my own design for each.

This was the first one I did.

This the second.
And finally, the third.
And I even have enough wool for these three to make a fourth multi coloured one, so what this space.
Well, that’s it for now.  It’s been good catching up.

 Happy Stitching!



  1. I love the Celtic Autumn Angel!! So beautiful!! Beautifully stitched. I am impressed with all you have gotten done in the months that have passed. The sweaters are beautiful as well, very talented you are to be able to do this!

  2. Beautiful finishes, all of them! Wow, 3 sweaters.. You have been one busy gal!

  3. I find your blog... and wow
    All is so beautiful.
    Ciao Giovanna

  4. I find your blog... and wow
    All is so beautiful.
    Ciao Giovanna