23 Nov 2013

Advent Calendar Wall Hanging

This week I have another finish to share with you all……….. I’m extremely happy to report that I’ve finally finished the Advent Calendar Wall Hanging that I started working on in  July of last year. 

All the little pillows had been stitched and I was only left with the quilted backing to make but I run out of time before the start of December .  Luckily I hadn’t promised it to anyone, so with no great rush to get it finished I put it in a cupboard and forgot about it……..actually that’s not quite true……. I hadn’t forgotten, it was more like avoiding having to finish it,  because I’m useless at machining. 

But not wanting to have all those little pillows hanging around for yet another year, I finally dusted off the sewing machine and got it done.

True to form, I couldn’t sew a straight line and the top Right-hand corner is narrower than the other side but over all I’m pleased with the way it turned out, especially as it's the first time I'm attempted to sew anything like this.
As I mentioned before, I didn’t have anyone to give the wall hanging to, I  only made it because I loved the look of it when I saw it in the magazine.

After giving it some thought though I wondered if  Haven House,  our local children's hospice might like it, so I gave them a quick call and yesterday afternoon I took it to its new home…….in good time for the start of December!

Hopefully the kiddies will have fun turning the cushions over and seeing what’s on the other side.
Happy Stitching!


  1. Congrats on the finish, Sue. it looks great!

  2. It looks beautiful and I am sure the kids will enjoy it. I remember having advent calendars as a kids and it always signaled the start of Christmas.

  3. It is adorable!! Do you remember what the name of the chart was? I'd love to stitch this up.

    1. Hi Meari, Thanks for your lovely comment.
      The chart was in a very old copy of Cross Stitcher, but I can't remember which one. Having said that I've seen the charts posted on different Pinterest boards, so it might be worth checking out some cross stitch boards on there, I'm sure you'll come across them.

  4. can you tell me the specific magazine and which issue this was in?

    1. As I've just said to Meari, the chart was in a very old copy of Cross Stitcher.

      Check out Pinterest though because I've seen the charts on some cross stitch boards.

  5. Beautifully stitched, I love the designs on both sides and I love even more that you lovingly donated it. I hope the kids enjoy the calender!