15 Nov 2013

Wings of Heaven – Final Update (Thank heavens I hear you say, Lol!)

15th November  2013

Yah, Wings of Heaven is finally finished and in her frame!
I have to say, I’m really pleased that I made the colour change.
This is my effort

And this was the original one by Joan Elliott which is equally beautiful but I still prefer my colour combo.
So the challenge turned out to be 23 evenings Cross Stitching and 3 evenings backstitching and sewing beads and that all equates to somewhere  around 108 hours working on her.
Here's some of the detail

My next job is to finish the advent calendar that I started last year. 

The cross stitching is all done and the little cushions made up, I just need to be brave and dust off the sewing machine to stitch the back quilt and then contact the local children’s hospice to see if they would like it.

Fingers and legs are crossed that mine ends up looking a lovely as the one in the picture from the magazine.

Happy Stitching!

Update - Joan Elliott herself has left me this lovely message on her blog, how wonderful.

Oh Sue I love her on blue with the blue ribbon! Well done indeed and such a treat to see her growing on your blog :-) X Joan


  1. Congratulations Sue, It looks stunning! I do like the colour changes you made, I can understand how you must be thrilled.
    I also love the idea of the Advent calendar.

  2. She is beautiful! Congratulations!

  3. Beautiful finish! I love your colors better than the original!

  4. Beautiful finish! I love how you stitched this with the color changes!