6 Nov 2013

Wings of Heaven (21, 22 & 23)

6th November  2013

 I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear that this will be my last update on Wings of Heaven for a while.
I finally finished all the actual cross stitch on evening 23, which was just 3 days passed my target.
Day 21
I filled in the rest of her wing and made a start on the shoulder of her cloak.

Day 22
I finished off her cloak, hair and halo.
Day 23
I stitched all the stars on the background and also filled in a few odd stitches here and there that were left when I run out of threads at the weekend.
Now I only have to do the backstitching, which I also made a start on last night and of course all the tiny Mill Hill beads need to be sewn on, so my next update will be her grand unveiling because I have a feeling this is going to take a while! 

Happy Stitching!



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