3 Nov 2013

Wings of Heaven (19 & 20)

3rd November  2013

Well, it’s pretty obvious that my target of 20 evenings to finish this project was a little optimistic, but to be fair it was a bit of a shot in the dark.   I hadn’t taken into account the amount of back stitching and all the beading that needs to be done but stitching wise, I wasn’t far off, as you’ll see in the photo of Saturday evenings progress.
This one is evening 19
And here’s where I was on the 20th evening of stitching.

I’ve also managed to finish the two hearts for the Kids Company's   Heart Yard project.    this week.

The larger one is going to be made into a cushion and the smaller one with the bird on is to go on a card.

I just need to get them in the post and on their way to Switzerland now, where Nicki will make them up. 

Happy Stitching!


  1. Congrats on your finishes, Sue. I think you did great on the fairy in 20 days! Awesome job.

  2. Great Progress Sue! Your angel is loveley and you are stitching it on a dark fabric which really makes it pop (and harder to stitch lol). Posting progress pictures as you go I think helps you to see the progress you have made and keep you motivated. Hang in there it will be finished soon!

  3. I love the Wings of Heaven piece, you're nearly there, as you say , for the stitching.
    The heart pieces are looking great.

  4. I love the wings of heaven, it is coming along beautifully! Beautiful heart as well! Have a wonderful stitchy filled week!

  5. Your variation is absolute incredible.
    Ciao Gio