10 Oct 2013

Wings of Heaven - Days 6 & 7

10th October 2013

I didn't manage my blog update yesterday so I’ve two day progress to show you this morning.

This is how it was looking after my Tuesday evening stitch-a-thon 

and here it is after last nights effort.

As you can see, the folds of her dress are taking shape nicely and you can see clearly where all the tiny Mill Hill beads need to be sewn when all the cross stitching is finished. ……..I hadn’t realised there were quite so many!

As yet, Denise, over at  the  Country Stitcher blog still hasn't  been in touch regarding her being the next recipient of the travelling chart despite the message that I left on her blog.

I’ll give it a day or two more and leave another message in the hope she sees it but if she’ll still not come back to me by Monday I’ll pick someone else to send it to, because I don’t want to hold it up from its travels for too long.
So that's it for another day, I'll be back tomorrow with yet another progress report but in the mean time.............
Happy Stitching!


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