8 Oct 2013

The ‘Traveling Chart’ is on the move again

8th October 2013

The beautiful Little House Needlework’s  ‘Summer Splendor’ chart
is about to be off on it’s travels again because this morning, with the help of a random number generator, I picked the next stitcher to receive the chart.
I had 15 comments, 2 had already stitched it and 1 didn't have an active blog, so 12 went in the drawing and the  winner was........
 Lucky No. 7

So Denise, ( Country Stitcher )   
get that needle and threads at the ready because the chart will be winging its way to South Dakota in the United States next.

I know you’re going to have fun stitching it, so if you Email Me  with your details I’ll get the chart in the post to you as soon as possible.


Before I leave you, here’s my progress after day five of stitching  Wings of Heaven.

  I think that stitching five days in a row is a first for me but I’m determined to stitch every day until this project is finished.

So far it's taken me 5 evenings to stitch a quarter of the chart, so I estimate that the whole project should take about 20 in all, so we'll see.


Happy Stitching!



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