19 Sep 2013

Yah!.....My Threads Are Here.

19th September 2013
Autumn has most definitely hit the UK now and it’s  quite a bit colder and raining here today, so what better way to spend the afternoon than watching a good film  (not sure which one yet) and doing some stitching….well that’s how my afternoon is looking anyway!

My main reason for dropping in today is to say a big thank you to
Meari  from   Meari’s Musings  for the traveling chart and birthday wishes which arrived yesterday.  The birthday wishes were sent because I found out that my name had been picked from the drawing for the chart on my birthday, so it was a nice surprise.

In preparation for its arrival, I went on line to see what supplies I would need and placed an order, so that I could start stitching as soon as the chart arrived and low and behold they arrived yesterday too!  

I just love the colours of these hand dyed threads and the lovely name they have.

There was one small hitch……… one of the threads was missing from the supply list on the site and of course I didn’t know to order it, so I’ve had to place a separate order for it and I’ve let the company know, so they can add it to the list of threads needed.
The hitch didn’t stop me making a start last night though and this is where I’m at.
Ava’s Christmas stocking is coming along nicely too but I think that while I’m stitching the traveling chart work on that might stop, which is not a problem as I have until December to get that finished.
I only have the Snowman to finish off now and add her name and then all I have to do is stitch the front and back together so it shouldn't take very long at all.

Oh well, that’s my little update.  I’ll be back when the traveling chart is finished and then PIF to another stitcher who fancies a go at it.

Happy Stitching!




  1. I love the colors of the threads! Great progress so far on what you got started!! The stocking is looking so beautiful as well! My mother in law made stockings like that for all of her children and grandchildren and they look so beautiful. A lot of time and effort go into making these but they turn out so beautiful as well!! Congrats on winning the drawing! Have a great weekend ahead, may it be filled with lots of stitchy time!

  2. You've got a good start on the traveling pattern. It's a fun, quick stitch so you'll be done in no time. :)

    The stocking looks cute!

  3. A belated birthday greeting to you Sue. Don't you just love LHN designs?
    I'm collecting several of the wee ornaments & working my way through those for now, (along with all the other charts on my to do list) :):). The stocking looks great, look forward to seeing it completed.
    I'm trying to find time a couple of evenings a week, to get back into my stitching, I'm just a tad over committed at the moment, but thanks to stitching bloggers, you are keeping me inspired.