1 Oct 2013

Pinch, Punch…………

It’s the first of the month!
Can you really believe that it’s October already?

The leaves are beginning to turn on the trees which is great if you happen to be in Boston, as my brother is at the moment. 
Actually, it pretty nice here too. I live a couple of miles from Epping Forest and as I was driving through there this morning I was taking in all the beautiful colours…….while keeping an eye on the road too I might add.
The nights will be drawing in too when the clocks go back at the end of the month so I can look forward to cosy evenings in front of the fire stitching.
I only have two small finishes to share with you this month.

The first is the October panel for my calendar and I have to say that I’m loving stitching these Ria Lanser  charts.
I was only saying the other day that I’ve never stitched anything vaguely ‘Halloween’ but I think I can safely claim that this panel fits the bill with its spiders, bats, cat and pumpkins.

Next up and my only other finished piece this month is the traveling chart, ‘ Summer Splendor’ from Little House Needleworks.
Mine was stitched on the Khaki Zweigart linen that the chart suggests and I’ve  used the 'Crescent Colours' thread they suggest too.  It’s the first time I’ve stitched with them and I love the wonderful shading in them.
I couldn’t make my mind up how I’m going to finish the piece off but I think I’ve finally decided that I’m just going to frame it and create a wall of stitching when the room is eventually re-decorated. 

Now then, if you would like to be the next recipient of this wonderful ‘Traveling Chart’ there are a few rules….all simple ones, that need to be followed.

1st.  Your blog must be an active one.

2nd.  You must stitch it as soon as possible and agree to pass it on.

3rd.  Pick the next lucky stitcher via a drawing on your blog.

4th.  Post your finish on your blog and the history of where the chart has already travelled to.

And that's about it really.

So far it’s been stitched eight times and mine’s the ninth, so just check out the places it’s already been and the way they have been finished.

•  Kathy at Kathy's Sit and Stitch 
 Ontario, Canada - Completed March 2012

•  Carol at   Stitching Dreams  
Pennsylvania, USA - Completed May 2012

•  Lisa at    Lisa V's Lounge

Perth, Australia - Completed August 2012                                 

•  Ellen at    Stitch Passion  
Singapore - Completed August 2012

•  Theresa at Giraffe Crossing

Taiwan - Completed December 2012

•  Tatyana at Girl with Hoop
Russia - Completed May 2013

•  Vicky at Nutmegger's Stitching Works 
Connecticut, USA - Completed July 2013

•  Meari at  Meari's Musings
 Illinois, USA - Completed August 2013

•  Sue at   I’d Rather Be Stitchin’
- Essex, UK – Completed September 2013

If you’d like to have a go at stitching this little chart leave a message on this post and I’ll pick the winner on Tuesday 8th October.

Good luck with the draw and ………..

Happy Stitching!




  1. Congrats on both your finishes, Sue. The both look good. :)

    P.S. There's a couple of HTML errors in your traveling pattern list.

  2. Lovely stitching! Both look lovely.

  3. Love your finishes! I'd sure love a chance to stitch the traveling pattern too.

  4. Would love the chart to come to Michigan! Gorgeous stitching, Sue! gilliankilner at yahoo dot com

  5. Lovely stitching. Thanks for adding all the blogs of previous stitchers. Sad face here as I don't have a blog. So I can't be part of it.

  6. I would be happy to host the chart here in Arizona for a short stay :) Your finish is lovely and the October piece is marvelous!

  7. Oh I do love the Halloween Piece, one I'd like to stitch myself.
    Your LHN piece is very sweet. They are a favourite of mine., I'd love to care for the chart while stitching it for myself, before sending it on another journey.
    Kay! kate at kaysan dot co dot nz

  8. Love what you have done this month! Very pretty!

  9. Beautiful stitching! I would truly love to stitch this piece then to send it on to one of my readers.
    Happy Stitching

  10. Would love to stitch the travelling pattern.

  11. Hi Sue! I would love to be considered for the traveling pattern! You've done a lovely job stitching it!! Love your October chart too, it's my favorite month! *Hugs*

  12. Hello Sue -

    I would love to stitch the traveling pattern. Surely it needs to come to Texas. CJ

  13. Hi Sue--I just found your blog through Meari's link. I love your finish--wasn't that a fun stitch? I was the second one to stitch it and it is such fun to see it travel all around the world :)

  14. Lovely stitching. I'd love a chance to stitch the travelling pattern

  15. Hi, its looks lovely Sue.
    And yes I still want a go at it :) so count me in please for this travelling pattern.

  16. hello, i like your blog is very beautiful embroidery, I am interested in the graph, the graph could send the months

    Greetings nani my email is


  17. Hello. My name is Eva and I am Spanish. I really like your calendar Ria Lanser and would like to stitch, but can not find where to buy it. Every page I visit directed me to a nonexistent blog bua!. Would you mind telling me where you bought it? Or perhaps appears in some magazine that I can get? Thanks for your time. Good embroidery.

  18. Hello! Is there any information you can share about where to obtain Ria Lanser's calendar?
    Some ladies in our stitch group would love to stitch it.

    Thank you!