9 Sep 2013

My First Travelling Chart PIF

9th September 2013

I’m more than overdue (again) with my 'stitchy' update on the projects I’ve been working on recently, so as it’s my birthday today (I’m 57, but keep that to yourself) I thought it would be a good day to do it.

My day started off with a spot of blog hopping and when I called in on  Meari  I had a wonderful  surprise,  I had been picked to receive this travelling cross stitch chart.
Isn’t it beautiful! 
It’s called Summer Splendor and so far it’s already been to Canada, the USA, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Russia, back to the USA and now it’s coming to the UK.!

 I’m so eager to get started on it when it arrives that I’ve already been on line and ordered the materials that I’ll need to complete it, so I can make a start as soon as it arrives and then send it on to another stitcher somewhere.
Anyway, on to the things that I've already stitched since my last update.
 Let’s start where I normally do, and that’s with the latest ‘September’ panel for my on-going calendar.
I finally finished off the ‘Toy Shop’ Birth Sampler from The Historical Sampler Company, after my Goddaughter delivered of a beautiful
baby girl.

 All I was waiting for was the birth details to add to the centre and then frame it, which is all done now.
Next up were some more squares for SOLAK. ( Stitches of Love and Kindness)
This was my WIP from last time and the last of the squares I stitched for Jack’s quilt.

did you guess it was going to be Goofy?

The next five were for Kathryn’s quilt and she had asked for cat’s dogs, and musical instruments.


I’ve been bad and not even picked up Celtic Autumn but after the SOLAK squares I went  on to stitch three hearts for the  Kid’s Company Heart Yard Project


So that’s about it until my next update but I do have a couple of WIP’s.


Obviously the first is Celtic Autumn which I won’t bother showing you this time, seeing as it hasn’t changed by a single stitch but the second is worth a look.
It’s not a cross stitch but an appliqué Christmas Stocking.
This is actually the forth one of these I’ve made.
The first two kits were brought in Fort Lauderdale, Florida when I was there on holiday back in 1981 and I stitched them for my two Goddaughters.  Every year they had pride of place on the mantelpiece and when the girls left home to share a flat the stockings went with them.  Next up, Nichola’s fiancée moved in and then comes the request to make one for him, which I did after ordering it on line from America a couple of years back.

They married and moved into their own home, taking their stockings with them and then Ava arrived……………I’m just preying she doesn’t have a BIG family. Lol!
This is where I’ve got to so far.

I really love doing these kits and would one day love to make one of the beautiful tree skirts but the cost is putting me off at the moment……..suppose I have to think of it as an heirloom.

So that’s most definitely it for now.

Happy Stitching!



  1. You are a stitching fiend!! :) It all looks so good.

    Congrats on winning the traveling chart drawing. Looking forward to seeing it stitched up.

  2. Wow! you have stitched so much Sue, I'm not having much stitching time right now, so enjoying everyone else' pieces.
    What lovely squares.
    Look forward to seeing your start on the pattern when it arrives.

  3. You have been busy! I love all of your stitching that you have gotten done!!!! The traveling pattern will look lovely! I love LHN! The stocking is coming along beautifully as well! Looking forward to seeing what it looks like when finished.

  4. Wow Sue you have gotten alot of stitching done. They all look great. Enjoy the travelling pattern.