16 Oct 2012

October TUSAL – Filling Up Nicely

16th October  2012

As you can see, it’s TUSAL time again over at  It’s Daffy Cat’s  which  means it’s time to show off my  Old RattyThreads.

I’m still ploughing my way through the little pillows for the Advent Wall Hanging so there’s still lots of Christmassy colours in the pot again this month.

I’m pleased to report that I’m nearing the end though.

I just have the two sides of one small pillow to stitch, both sides of the larger one for the twenty-fifth, and then it’s a case of making the remainder up, I’ve done about half already.

The final job will be to make the backing for them to hang against and I already have the material and wadding for that, so all that’s left to source is the star shaped buttons. 
You’d think with Christmas just around the corner there wouldn’t be a problem with that but you’ve no idea how difficult it’s proving to find 25 small and 3 larger Yellow ones, in fact I’m on the verge of giving up all together and going for round Gold coloured ones instead.

Anyway, as I’m nearing the end of the wall hanging I’ve begun to consider my next project, which is likely to be another of the Celtic Ladies.

Celtic Winter is top of the list at the moment but I think I may change the colours. 
The original is worked in White and Gold but I’m of the opinion that she would look far better in Pale Blue’s and Silver, so my first step will be to purchase the chart and then get to work with my colour charts, so wish me luck.

Thanks for stopping by and…….
Happy Stitching!

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