16 Sep 2012

Advent Calendar started and TUSAL time again

16th September  2012

I’m convinced that as we get closer to the end of the year the months are getting shorter because it’s TUSAL time again and it doesn’t seem like five minutes ago I was showing you mine from last month.

But it is the New Moon  and there's no denighing it any longer, so it means I have to reveal my Ratty Old Threads collected over my last month of stitching.

It’s filling up nicely with Christmassy shades of Red’s and Greens and a small amount of Gold threads too but I’m seriously wondering if my jar is going to big enough to see me through to the end of the year.

The project I’m working on at the moment is this Advent Calendar.

The chart was in a very old copy of Cross Stitcher and in actual fact I started to stitch it about three years ago but then had problems with my eyes and it was put in a cupboard and forgotten about.

So this month I’ve resurrected it and finished off the first little cushion that I had already stitched and managed to completely finished three more.

I’m also well on the way with the next five which just need stitching together so hopefully I’m on track to have it ready for one of the schools that work with  Kids Company by the start of December.

If you want to join in and show us your TUSAL (Totally Useless Stitch A-Long) then  It’s Daffy Cat’s   is the place you need to go.  There, Sharon has everything you need to know to take part, so come along and join in the fun.

Here’s a closer look at the finished cushions.

Happy Stitching!



  1. Gosh that is so beautiful Sue. There's no end to your talents!!


  2. Hi Sue! So happy to find another cross-stitcher! This project is so cute! --Sandy Leigh at