15 Sep 2012

A Leaving Gift

When our consultant at Slimming world announced that she would be leaving us on the 13th of September, I knew I wanted to stitch her a small gift as a Thank You for helping me to lose 2 stone since joining the group, but do you stitch?

I had a look through my enormous pile of cross stitch magazines and eventually found the perfect chart in a copy of Cross Stitcher………A cute little girl surrounded by vegetables and Pasta, all the good things we eat on our diets.  The only issue was that she seemed to be whisking up a cake which wasn’t so good but I decided that it was an omelette instead which made it ok.

I finished it off in an altered frame and made a matching card to go with it.

Emma was thrilled with it when I gave it to her.
I explained about the cake not being a cake but an omelette and she said that it was fine being a cake because she used to make cakes for people before she became a Slimming World consultant, so it couldn’t have worked out better.

Happy Stitching!

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