7 Sep 2012

Must have been Barking Mad

7th September 2012

Well it’s a bright and sunny Good Morning to my fellow stitchers out in blog land and with a good weekend forecast I’m looking forward to getting the lounger out and spending some stitching time out on the patio if all goes to plan.

This morning I have my latest  Kid’s Company   project panel to share with you and if there’s one thing I should have learned long ago  having stitched for more than 40 years, it’s make sure of the size of the finished piece of stitching before you start.

I came across a set of cute little dogs in a copy of Cross Stitch Card Shop and thought they would be great for the cushions so I immediately started to stitch this little fellow.

Really sweet isn’t she!

What I didn’t realise was that the finished piece is only two and a half inches in size and way too small for what I wanted it for so now I will keep it back until doggy squares are requested on  SOLAK so it doesn’t go to waste.

Anyway, not to be put off I decided that I would see what it would look like if I stitched it again but this time stitching four squares for each one on the chart, effectively doubling the motif in size but my only concern was that it would look a bit blocky.

In actual fact it didn’t look too bad when it was done. 
It’ll be perfect of the cushions and I know a little girl somewhere is going to love snuggling up to it.

Panel # 86

Happy Stitching!


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