23 May 2012

TUSAL - May 2012

23rd May 2012

I’m a day or two late with my TUSAL ( Totally Useless Stitch-a-Long) this month, but I’m a firm believer in better late than never so I’m going to go for it.

If you don’t know what on earth I’m talking about, then nip across to  It’s Daffy Cat’s Blog  where she explains what TUSAL is all about and why loads of us show off our Ratty Old Threads every New Moon.

Here’s mine this month and if I’m honest I’m missing stitching with the pretty coloured threads that are sitting at the bottom of my jar.

My little pot is filling up with shades of Black and Brown because I’m still plodding away with BoJangles portrait. 

I suppose I could start stitching something else alongside it but I always like to work on one thing at a time, especially if something is a little tedious…..that’s when I’m in danger of putting it away, never to see the light of day again, so for now I shall keep going and hopefully it won’t take me too much longer.

As you can see, I’ve finished his eyes now and his Ginger patch around his Right eye is almost done.

What I did notice as I was stitching though is that when the photo was charted they somehow managed to miss off his whiskers on the Right side when they removed the background. 

I contacted then to see if they kept copies of the thoughts were that I could maybe use his whiskers from the Left side,flip them over and somehow make them fit on the other side but they kindly offered to re-charted it for me and sent it back to me within half an hour, which was fantastic.  They even offered to send me extra threads if I needed them, so a big thank you to  Photo-2-Stitch  for their amazing customer service.

So now it’s back to the Black threads for me and Until next time……….
Happy Stitching!


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