21 Apr 2012

BoJangles emerges - TUSAL – April 2012

21st April 2012

Can’t believe it’s really a month since we were last here showing our TUSAL’s, but it definitely is TUSAL time, because there’s going to be a new moon tonight, not that it’s going to be on show thanks to all the rain clouds.

Still, I’ve duly taken a picture of mine and if I’m honest, it’s not very pretty this month.

The reason is that I’ve only been concentrating on the picture of BoJangles rather than all the colourful squares for the Kid’s Company project that I usually stitch.  I don't feel bad about it though because there are 23 squares already on their way to Switzerland  so they should keep Nicki busy while I’m working on Bo.

I’m making quite a bit of progress with him too, but I wish that someone had reminded me how hard, working on 28ct evenweave can be. 
I used to stitch on it no problem and it’s still my preferred fabric but since having the detached retina two years ago it’s definitely had an effect and I now find I can’t stitch for as long as I used to in one sitting before I start to feel a bit of eye strain, even with the aid of a lamp and magnifier
Working in shades of Black and dark Grey and Brown isn’t helping much either but I’m still slogging away and intend to finish him off before I start on anything new.

So this was where I was last month.

And this is where I'm at now.

As you can see, he’s starting to emerge.
Look at those lovely long whiskers and his cute Pink nose, the trouble  

is, there are so many individual stitches in it that it’s hard to keep the back looking tidy.

I’d love to know what others do in situations like do you stop the back from becoming a big mess…....…..any tips would be much apreciated please.

And to finish off, here’s a picture of the little man himself. 

He was sunning himself in the garden last week on one of the rare dry days and having a chat and compairing notes with my previous cat Emily.....wonder what they were saying to one another?

If you fancy joining in with the TUSAL, call in at   It’s Daffy Cats  and show us your Ratty Old Threads. 

It’s all a nuance really but a great way to meet fellow stitcher and see what interesting things they are making.

Until next time……….
Happy Stitching!


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  1. Hi Sue,
    I've hunted out your other blog to see things are ok with you. Missing you on WOYWW. Hope you are well now and life is happy with you.
    A x
    ps I love your embroidery pic...clever you.