31 Mar 2012

March Round-up

 It’s been another busy month for me stitching squares for our  Kid’s Company Project   but I’ve not yet sent any of them out to Nicki in Switzerland for making up because she’s having a little break from them at the moment.  Can’t begrudge her a rest when you consider that she’s made more than 500 cushions to date and that’s without the quilts she’s made too. 
When she gives me the nod I’ll get all packed up and on their way but for now I’m accumulating a nice little stock pile.

Last month I was concentrating more on the little boys and did the collection of Space Bots,   so this month I’ve done some squares for the girls and made a collection of little cupcakes that look almost good enough to eat.

The charts were in a copy of Cross Stitch Card Shop.

Panel 70

Panel 71
And here's a close up of the cushion that Nicki made with the panel above.

Panel 72

Panel 73

Panel 74

Panel 74

Here's the rest of the cushion covers that Nicki made.

The next six panels were all stitched using some of the free kits that come with various cross stitch magazines and some have been knocking around in the bottom of my thread cabinet for years, so it was about time I got around to stitching them.

Panel 75 - Winnie The Pooh (Free kit from The World of Cross Stitching)

Panel 76 -  Dumbo (Free kit from Cross Stitcher)

Panel 77 - Woodland Folk-Toby Fox (Free kit from Cross Stitch Card Shop)

Panel 78

Panel 79

At the beginning of the month I was struggling with the photo chart of BoJangles and left it alone for a couple of week but over the last few days I’ve made myself  pick it up again.

I’m still not really feeling comfortable with the colours, so it has the potential of easily becoming one of those ‘unloved’ projects that sits in the bag never to be finished, especially as I’ve already almost given up completely on several occasions, but at the moment my head is telling me I need to keep at it.

Talking of ‘unloved’ projects I came across two other projects that were started but never finished .

The first was a kit called Siberian Gold that I won for being Stitcher of the Month in The World of Cross Stitching back in 2002. I actually made a good start on it to begin with but I was put off by the number of individual stitches in it. 

 Come to think of it that may be the reason I’m having the problem I am with BoJangles picture and I’m just using the colour thing is just an excuse.

The other piece that is ‘unloved’ is a sampler called Time and Season designed by Moira Blackburn and is even older.

I started this one in 1993 and I stitched slightly more of this one before giving up on it. It was the fabric that put me off, it’s worked on Rustico Evenweave and it’s really hard on the old fingers because it’s so rough.

Mind you, having shown it the light of day again I think I may well stark working on it again because I really do like the design and the muted colours of the threads.

Check back at the end of next month to see if I’ve kept my word and actually put a few more stitches in it and to see the latest batch of squares for the charity project.

Happy Stitching!

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