24 Jan 2012

Bold as a Lion

January 2010

Well I’ve had a couple of months break from my cross stitching and I’m pleased to say that the swelling and bruising  around my eye has gone now. 
The sight in it is still not good and I’ve been told that it’s going to get worse before it gets better because the op I had causes a cataract to grow and I’ve also been told it could be another year before they operate to remove that.

On the up side, I am able to stitch again but need to pace myself and work with a good light and the magnifier that I’ve treated myself to, so I can now get back to stitching some squares for the The Kid’s Company Project.

I’ve still only managed two though, the first of which was this Lion.  

Panel #26

I traced the outline from a colouring page onto the Aida and stitched the outline and then filled the inner space with what I think of as Blackwork but really it’s just half cross stitches that are off set on each line.

The second cushion this month was worked from a chart that was in Cross Stitcher magazine last June.

Panel #27

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