25 Jan 2012

Time to take the plunge

February  2010

Do you remember back in June last year I received that enormous box full of sewing goodies from Dan over at    Sew and So,  well in it was a brand new bale of this cream Afghan fabric.

I’ve never stitched on Afghan before and wasn’t sure what to do with it to be honest because the fabric is very loose woven making the stitch count very low, so for the last eight months it’s sat in my ottoman doing nothing.

The problem I had was that the charts I tend to use for the  The Kid’s Company Project   are usually 40 to 60 stitches wide which makes them a perfect size on 14 count Aida but on this fabric the finished design would have been way too big, so I had to look for something else.

Having searched through all my magazines I came across some cute little boats in a copy of Cross Stitch Crazy which are all around about 20 stitches wide and perfect if stitched with all six strands of thread.

For a change I decided to stitch four individual designs on the panel instead of one as normal, making a larger finished piece than usual.

Panel# 28

Nicki asked me if I would also send her a piece of the same fabric for the backing when I sent her the finished squares for this month, which I did and she made it up into this fab squidgy cushion,

Can I also say at this point that all the threads I’m using for the project stitching  were all donated by Dan too.  He’s been so generous in helping the project, so Thanks again Dan……you’re a star!

Next up are a couple of the panels stitched on the normal White Aida using charts from a free book of Disney’s  Jungle Book characters.

The first is Tha, the little Elephant

Panel #29

And then there’s Kaa, the Indian Python.

Panel #30

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