23 Jan 2012

Love to Dance!

October 2009

Not so many squares for the   Kids Company   cushions this month because at the end of September I discovered I had a detached retina in my Right eye and had to undergo emergency surgery.
It’s times like that you realise just how important it is too look after your eyes and knowing that my dad had lost his sight to macular degeneration I was frightened that I might lose mine too but I’m receiving amazing treatment at London’s Moorefield’s Eye Hospital so hopefully it will all turn out ok.

So as I said, not so many squares this time round.

This first one was yet another special request for a young boy who loves music and dance and I had started it last month, so I only had the edging around it to finish off.

I searched everywhere for a suitable chart for this one but couldn’t find anything, then I remembered there are lots of kids colouring pages on line.  After some searching I found something that withr a bit of jiggling around would be perfect for this cushion and I charted it myself.

Panel #23

Then there was no stitching at all until the end of the month, when with the aid of a magnifying lamp I managed to stitch these two.

Panel #24

Panel #25 (Chart from Cross Stitcher Magazine)

I must admit though that it’s a bit of a strain so I’m going to give it a rest for a while.

Just before I go I want to say a special Thank You to my friend Nicki, who came up with the whole idea for this charity project. 
I don’t actually make the cushions myself, I just stitch some of the many centre panels needed and send them out to Switzerland where Nicki undertakes all the machining, but don’t you think she does a wonderful job of matching the fabrics and making my stitching look fabulous……Thanks Nicki!

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