22 Feb 2012

‘Not So’ Ugly Bug Ball

November 2011

Here are my latest set of squares for the  The Kid’s Company Project   and quite a few of them this month are little bugs. 

I know kids like creepy crawlies but these one are really rather cute and colourful, see what you think.

Panel #48
Panel #49

Panel #50
Panel #51
Panel #52

I’ve also stitched a few random ones for the boy including a pirate, car and a football related one.
Panel #53

Panel #54
Panel #55

And then another couple of odd ones for the girls.
Panel #56

Panel #57

Well, that’s it for now. 
 I’m not sure how many squares I’ll get done next month as it’s going to be quite full on leading up to Christmas. 
 I’m also away for a few day in Germany visiting the Christmas markets and I’ll most definitely be looking out for some nice craft shops while I’m there.

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