16 Jan 2012

Kid’s Company Cushions……….Special Request.

June 2009

It’s not often that the stitching I do for the Kids Company project is specific to a child because at the time I stitch I have no idea who it will be going to, but when Nicki  asked me if I would mind stitching two similar panels with bunnies on for two little girls it made a pleasant change.

I don’t know the story behind the two little girls and if I did couldn’t tell you anyway, because of confidentiality but apparently they deserved something a little special.

I had a look through my huge pile of cross stitch magazines and came across  a chart that would be perfect. 

To make the two cushions look different I stitches the first one as it was, stright from the chart and then I scanned the chart and flipped it over so the bunny was facing in the other direction on the second cushion.  I changed all the colours it was stitched in too.

Panel #10

Panel #11

Instead of waiting until I had a dozen or so squares to send to Nicki I as I would usually do, I sent  these two as soon as they were finished and here’s the finished results.

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