15 Jan 2012

Oriental Beauty

June 2009

Ever since taking part in my school production of The Mikado many years ago I’ve had a fascination with geisha’s so when the chart for Oriental Beauty appeared in a copy of Cross Stitcher I know I just had to stitch her.

But while I was pleased with the way she turned out I didn’t really want her hanging on my wall, so for many years she sat in the drawer at the bottom of my thread cabinet.

Then quite by chance I was reading the latest copy of The World of Cross Stitching when I came across, in the wanted’ column, a lady who was looking for the chart for her.  She had apparently stitched two others from the set and was looking everywhere for this one.

I immediately emailed her and explained that unfortunately I didn’t have the chart any more but I did have a finished panel if she was interested, which she was and the money that I charged her was used to help with the postage of all the Kids Company cushions .

I’m so pleased that she found a new home and no longer gathering dust in the drawer.

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