3 Apr 2011


March  1986

I hadn’t realised until I started to write this that I stitched this picture back in 1986, that’s 25 years ago!

The kit was one of my Christmas presents the year before from a little girl, then aged just 6 months old that I used to babysit for and I have to say, she knew me so well when she picked this out for me.

It was a Crewel Embroidery kit, which means the design is printed onto the fabric and worked in wool using a combination of stitches including satin stitch, seed stitch, back stitch, chain stitch, couching and a sprinkling of French knots for good measure. The detail in it is amazing and every time I look at it I see something different.

The finished piece now hangs on the wall in my craft room, a constant reminder of lovely little Sophie and her mum and dad Jenny and Paul who I sadly lost touch with when the couple moved away, divorced and as if that wasn't enough, poor Paul had a breakdown and tried to take his own life.

I often wonder where they all are now and what they might be doing but at least my picture brings memories of happier times.

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