1 Apr 2011

Caught by the bug

Summer 1981

My first ever recollection of stitching was when I was in infants school, around the age of five. We had a garden shed in the play area that was used as a Wendy House and I was chosen from the class to stitch the Red Gingham curtains that were to be hung in there.

I’ve stitched on and off since then but my real passion for cross- stitching started some 20 years later.

We were on a weekend trip to Yorkshire and had an afternoon visit to Theakston’s Brewery booked. On the way, we stopped off in Masham for some lunch and while we were there we did some exploring and came across the tiniest of shops that was packed to overflowing with all things sewing.

After spending a good thirty minutes experiencing all the delights that were on offer, I finally left the shop the proud owner of two DMC Flower Fairies kits but what I hadn’t realised was that the kits were both counted cross stitch. Up until that point all my embroidery had been worked on pre-printed material but these two kits had to be worked from a graph onto plain fabric.

Well, after what turned out to be months of stitching I finally finished the first of the kits.

The Cherry Fairy wasn’t the neatest piece of stitching I’d ever done if I’m honest, ut it was a new skill and I felt a real achievement when I added the final stitch.

More months of stitching, a little neater this time, and I managed to finishe the Clover Fairy, but with them both completed I now had idea what I was going to do with the two of them.
They didn’t really fit into any of my rooms so I’m ashamed to say that they just sat in my sewing box for the next fifteen or so years.

I just knew that something would come along and that they would eventually be used for a good cause and that’s exactly what did happen.

My good friend Nicki, who lives in Switzerland started making cushions for a charity called Kids Company and I asked her if she could find a use for the two stitched panels.  

She was delighted to take them off my hands and instead of making them into cushions she made these two beautiful quilts.

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