5 May 2011

Sue’s Kitchen

July   1989

I came across this 'Herbal Window kit by Janlynn way back in 1989, soon after having my kitchen redesigned. At the time I was looking for something to hang on wall in there and the colours in this were a perfect match with my terracotta walls.

I’m sorry that the photos are not that great, I’m managed to get a lovely reflection of my window in them all.

I did change the design slightly because on the original there was a rectangle in the top Right-hand corner with a star design in but I decided to leave that off and personalize mine instead by adding a rectangle on both sides and the words 'Sue’s Kitchen'.

Don’t you just love the little cat popping her head out from behind the Chervil?

The cat reminded me of my own little cat Emily that I had at the time, which was another reason I decided to stitch the kit.

At around the same time I also came across a chart in the magazine Cross Stitcher of some geese and again, the colours were perfect for my kitchen so I stitched that too.

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