10 Apr 2017

Week Two - Nuts about Lavender Fields - CAL

I’ve had fun over the weekend, enjoying the wonderful weather and working on my CAL (crochet-a-long) project, Nuts about Lavender Fields.
Mind you, it didn’t go completely without a hitch.

I was finding it difficult to follow their written patterns because the US terms for the stitches relate to different stitches here in the uk. 
For instance, the pattern would call for a single crochet, which is a double crochet here or a treble which over here is a double treble and so it goes on.  You can understand how easy it was for me to get confused, Lol.
But not all was lost……….   Esther Dijkstra, who designed the CAL has supplied a fantastic video link on her blog   It’s all in a Nutshell.

Problem solved!

So, these are the three squares from week 1


Esme’s Winter Cottage designed by the fabulous Dedri Uys

All the squares are waiting to be blocked

And these are from week 2.

Spiro Star designed by Helen Shrimpton


Looking forward to Thursday now, when week 3 is released.

Happy Crocheting!




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