17 May 2013

Late Again!

Once again I’ve managed to miss the New Moon and I’m a full week late showing off my TUSAL this month, hosted by Sharon on her blog  It’s Daffy Cat  

There’s lots and lots of ORT’s (Old Ratty Threads) gone into it, but sadly none of them are from the calendar panel for May because I’ve not even started it yet ………….
so much for me saying at the start of the year my TUSAL would always be accompanied by one each month!

But even so I’ve not been resting on my laurels,  I have completed seven squares for   SOLAK,  all for a little boy called Rowan who loves Disney.

Pooh Bear
Jimney Cricket
Donald Duck
I finished a 6 x 6 inch sampler by Bent Creek which I can’t show you in all its glory  just yet  in case the person I’m sending it to reads this, but here’s a sneak peek.  Don’t think you can tell from that what it is!
And finally an update on my WIP, Celtic Autumn.

I’ve gone from this last month
To this
And I’m still managing to keep the back in some sort of order, although it’s not quite so easy on the two side borders.
Now then, I’ll pre-warn you that I’m going to be late with my TUSAL again next month because I’ll be sunning myself somewhere in Spain.

Stitching this by the pool of our villa with a big glass of Sangria close by……..idyllic!

Thanks for dropping in and…………………………….

Happy Stitching!


  1. I love all the Disney characters especially Winnie the Pooh! You have gotten a lot of stitching done, all beautifully done as well!

  2. Wow you have gotten alot done! Looks great!

  3. Oooh, Spain! I'm so jealous. ;-)

    Your Disney finishes are adorable. So adorable.

    Nice stitching on your WIPs, too.

  4. I thank you for your wonderful comment on my poor litte WOYWW 208 - I cant do more, I am traveling. And I am even not able to read in your blogs, I will catch up one day. I just had a quick look over your embroideries and it is fantastic, what I saw. We are travelling and at present after a 700 km drive in a very small Croatian village, and will go on tomorrow morning to our holiday place - island Hvar, Dalmatia, Croatia.

  5. Hello

    Just found your blog.

    Your stitching is beautiful.

    Happy weekend (: