10 Apr 2013

Sneaking in the back door!

10th April

Where did last month go?

The new moon and the monthly TUSAL have really snuck up on me this time and I hadn’t realised until this morning that it was actually that time again.  As a result, my little monthly calendar panel that always accompanies my jar is stitched but not edged with the fabric. 
Oh the shame of it!
There’s lots of ORT’s in my jar this time.
Obviously the Orange and Rusts are from my April panel.
I’m loving stitching this set.  They were a download from Ria Lanser and she had lots of lovely charts on her site but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be up and running anymore, which is a shame.  
There’s also some Mauve, Gold and Green ORT’s in there  from Celtic Autumn.

Here's where I was up to last month after 36 hours
And here’s my progress after 64.
Until this project I’ve never bothered to count ‘actual’ stitching hours but curiosity got there better of me and I decided to keep a note while I’m working on this piece.  I’m beginning to wish I hadn’t now though because all it’s done is confirm how slowly I stitch.  But as they say,  I’ve started, so I’ll finish.

 I’m still very pleased with the back too and threading the ends through the front rather than the back as I used to do is certainly working for me.

My next job today is to get across to  Sew and So   to order the evenweave for ‘Angle in White’ which I plan to stitch on Blue rather than Red, as my friend’s bedroom is Blue. 
I also want to order the sampler for my Goddaughter, which will be my holiday stitching when I go away at the start of June.
So lots of stitching to keep my fingers nimble over the coming weeks me thinks!

For my ‘crafty’ news pop across to   Sue’s Krafty Kards   where you could even join in with the other 100 odd (that’s odd as in approximate as opposed to odd, strange) crafters for ‘What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday’ and show us what’s on your desk this week.  
It’s nonsense really, just like the TUSAL, but it’s all great fun and you make lots of new friends on the weekly blog hop.

Thanks for stopping by and ………..

Happy Stitching!


  1. Nice progress on the dress. Congrats on your adorable finish.

  2. My last comment was supposed to go here, forgive me. Celtic Autumn is looking lovely! Your April finish is beautiful as well

  3. Sue this cross stitch is looking beautiful and I want to see the end of it now! I have not done much for ages though I have a beauty on the go now. As for counting the hours, I am doing the same on my lace, and I agree, it is scary! That is what the pins on the left are for!!
    As for your Driad kit for lacemaking....that is how I started! I could not understand it so I went for about six lessons and away I went!
    Thanks for visiting.