24 Mar 2013

Sunday Update

24th March

I have a question for you this morning…….
How good are you at keeping the back of your work looking wonderful?

Some people don’t think it matters at all, especially if the piece is being framed and won’t show and others are clever enough to get the back looking as neat and tidy as the front, so what camp are you in and if you’re with the latter group, how do you manage it?

I’ve been told that back of my work is tidy but I personally feel it doesn’t look that great, especially when I’ve compared it to others work and despite trying not  to carry the threads across too many stitches and never across open (not to be stitched on) spaces it still usually ends up looking a bit of a mess. 

But after seeing  this video   on You Tube, I decided to try and make more of a concerted effort on my next project.

The only thing I wasn’t keen about with the way this lady stitched is that she doesn’t keep all her stitches running in the same direction, although she did say that this can be corrected by passing the needle under the first bar of the stitching, but this would be very time consuming in my opinion, especially on big projects. 

Anyway, I decided to give it a go, sort of, and this is the front of Celtic Autumn after almost 36 hours of stitching……….I’m very slow!  

Sorry it’s so crumpled.  I decided to use a hoop to stitch with instead of putting it on a  frame for this one.

And this is how the back is looking. 
  Now, if you compare that to the back of Celtic Summer that I stitched a while back you’ll see there’s a big difference, namely that I’ve not finished any of my threads on the back of my work. 
 I had no idea that you could pass them under the stitches on the front of the work, so this is what I’ll be doing from now on.

My next projects are in the sorting stage.

I wanted to stitch an Angel from one of my friends and have just managed to track down the chart for Joan Elliott’s Angel in White, sometimes known as Christmas Angel. 
I’m looking forward to starting this one, especially as she’s stitched on lovely Red evenweave and I also still have to make a start on my April panel for the calendar……….I’ll need to get a wiggle on if it’s going to be stitched in time for the April TUSAL, which is when I usually unveil them.

That’s about it stitching wise but I’ve been knitting too this week and managed to finish off these two little cardigans for my Goddaughters bump, I just need to stitch the buttons on.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by and please, do let me know your thoughts about the back of your work, I’d love to know your opinions.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Your stitching front and back look very nice. I never personally gave it a thought as to how the backside of my stitching looked, seeing as no one sees it but me usually. What you are stitching on right now is beautiful, I know it is going to be beautiful when done!

  2. I think your backs both look neat. I don't pay much attention to mine. I just stitch away. I love Joan Elliott designs! I will enjoy watching your progress.

  3. IMO, your back looked neat before. It seems like a lot of work and more thread usage to do x's on the back as well as the front. Both projects are beautiful, though. Cute sweaters, too.