11 Mar 2013


11th March

There are quite a few new threads in my TUSAL this new moon despite the fact that I’ve not actually done any stitching since the beginning of March. 

And why no stitching  I hear you ask…….well, …. I was knitting instead.

 Between last months TUSAL and this I've  had a couple of finishes though, the Large Sampler   I was working on, as well as a smaller  'April Showers'  one that I made with the left over threads. 

I've posted about them already but if you follow the links you can have a look at them if you haven't already seen them.

And of course I  stitched the March panel for the calendar I’m continuing to work on over the year.

The few strands of knitting wool that have ended up in my TUSAL jar are from the two baby’s cardigans, hat and a pair of booties.  I just have to finish the bands on the Green cardi and stitch buttons on both and then I’ll show them in a day or two.

So that’s it for my  TUSAL  this month.  Follow the link and join in why don’t you.

Thanks for stopping by and............

Happy Stitching!



  1. Your sampler looks great, Sue.

  2. O love the March panel with the bright orange borders,well done.
    I have nothing to show this week,just finishing off a black skirt.

  3. I love your finish, looks wonderful! Someday I will learn how to knit, have a good week!

  4. I posted a comment yesterday, not sure where it went LOL.
    I love the March banner, with that bright orange trim.
    I've not managed any hand stitching this week, busy doing dressmaking, so no post to my blog as yet.

  5. Love your March calendar block. Thank you for visiting me today. In answer to your question the frame for my months of the year is green/grey in colour and a lightly distressed look. Linda #68