14 Jan 2012

Gifts for the Kids

August 2008

It’s been a while since I’ve shown you how the cushions for the Kid’s Company charity are going and the good news  is that to date Nicki has put together a grand total of 25… amazing is that!

Things slowed down for a time while we are waiting for the next batch of children’s names but I didn’t stop stitching.

Here’s the latest ones that I’ve stitched and Nicki has made up.

Some of the charts came from magazines and others I charted myself.

Panel #3 – Mermaids

Panel #4 – Cat

Panel #5 – Aliens

I’m just showing you the ones that I’ve stitched the panels for on here but you should really pop across to Nicki’s site at  Sharing Colour and Comfort  to see what the project is all about and to see all the other works of art that she has created for the children.

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