13 Jan 2012

BoJangles, My Little Helper……………………Not!

July  2008

If dogs can have baskets, so can us cats.

I’m sure my mum won’t mind me keeping her cross stitch silks safe for her and the warmth of my body will take out all the creases from the panels she’s already stitched.

The trouble is this basket is just a little bit too small for me to get the whole of my body into, so I’ll have to leave my legs hanging out.

It’s a bit of a snug fit but I have a warm nose now my paws are tucked in. 
I’m sure that if I wriggle around a bit I can get the whole of me in here.

Yah!  I knew I could do it.

The trouble is, now mum can’t carry on stitching because the thread she need next is tucked away safely under me............... and I’m not moving until supper time.

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