14 Feb 2012

The Culmination of a Year’s Work

22th June 2011

Today was always going to be quite a hard day for me, but tinged with the sadness that today would have been dads 88th birthday, there is also a good and happy feeling too.
You know, the kind of feeling you get when something you’ve been working on for a very long time is finally finished and you can sit back feel proud of what you and some very special friends have achieved.

So this morning myself and my two brothers, Keith and Michael went back to St Clare Hospice in Hastingswood, Essex to present them with the nine quilts and twelve cushions as a thank you from Dad and the family for all the care and consideration they gave dad in his final few weeks.
I honestly don’t know how we would have coped without their tireless help at the end.

Anyway, as mentioned in previous posts, dad came up with the idea of the quilts and almost exactly a year to the day I started stitching the very first square, here we are delivering them.

Right to left - Essie, one of the nurses who spent an awful lot of time with dad, Michael (middle brother) Keith (eldest brother) and me. (didn't realise just how White my hair is now)

The nursing staff were overwhelmed with the quilts and cushions and we spent a lovely hour on the unit catching up with the staff who looked after dad.

Thanks once again girls for all your stitching and for making a very personal project so very special.

Updated at Christmas
I have an old friend from work who does voluntary work at the hospice and she tells me that the quilts are being well used and that everyone comments on how beautiful they are and how much work has gone into them.

Thanks for passing that on Judith. x

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