1 Jan 2012

My friends appear to know me so well.

Now I’m back to 2008

For my 50th birthday a couple of years back Nicki brought be a "Born to Shop" cross stitch kit called "People who don't like cats".

I didn’t start stitching it until well into the following year and had worked on it in between doing other things so it took me some time to complete despite being only 20cms. square.
 My excuse is that it was a pain to stitch if I’m really honest because it had so many half stitches in the design.

I kept at it thought and eventually managed to finish it, but then couldn’t find a suitable frame so it sat in my work box for a while.

I didn't realise that square frames would be so hard to come by but at least it's done now and sits on the wall in my craft room.

Don't you just love the wording…….."People who don’t like cats must have been mice in another life".

Just purr-fect!.............sorry.

Here you can see some of the detail.


Here you can see how the background shading and some of the shading on the cat is done with just one bar of the cross stitch.

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