14 Oct 2011

If I had Nine Lives to Live Over…………..

September 9th  2006

Today I’m going to share with you a piece of stitching that is not my own but belongs to me, if that makes sense.

You see, it’s a beautiful cushion that was made especially for me as 50th birthday present from my lovely friends Nicki and Sharon and made all the more special because Nicki delivered it person, all the way from Switzerland when she came over to celebrate with me and my family.

At the time I had just acquired my second cat from a rescue centre and I guess that Sharon thought the verse that she’s stitched onto the front  panel sounded so much like BoJangles, especially the changing his mind and going in, and out, and in, and out and in again.  He still does that even now Lol!

It's a Margaret Sherry design and the verse reads:-

If I Had 9 Lives to Live Over...

I'd eat more daisies; I'd sharpen my claws
on more antiques; I'd climb lower trees;
I'd steal more earrings; I'd change my mind more often
about going in and out...and in and out;
I'd sing on more fence posts at midnight;
I'd climb more drapes; I'd perfect my bird call;
I'd bring my human more presents;
I'd chase more butterflies;
I'd pounce on more sleeping dogs;
I'd have ten lives... instead of nine.

I was given the stitched panel on my birthday and then when Nicki went back home she took it back with the and made it into the beautiful cushion to match my bedroom.  She didn't want to make it up beforehand because she wasn't sure what room it was going to go in.

I cherish it girls, thank you so much.

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