13 Oct 2011

Craft Forum Charity Stitching Project.

The start of 2006 saw me involved in my first Charity stitching project with some friend from the craft Forum “Crafty By Carolyn”.

Although the forum back then was mostly aimed at Card making and Scrapbooking, there were a few of us that stitched too , so when one of the members, Sharon, who’s a very close friend of mine now asked if any of us would like to get involved in a charity project I jumped at the chance.

She had been on line and come across a group. OECS, that’s Operation Elderly Charity Stitchers, a group who stitch lap quilts for the elderly and she thought it would be a great first group project for the forum members.

The idea was that she would get nine people to stitch a square each, eight
flowers and a logo and then another member, Nicki, who’s also a very close friend now would have it all sent to her home in Switzerland where she would do the machine quilting to finish it off,  but in reality we had more than the nine people needed who wanted to stitch so we ended up making two quilts.

For my part, I stitched the two logo for the quilts

and four flowers although only three of them made it onto the quilts. 

I think the other one was made into a cushion but I can’t remember now.

We ended up working to a deadline too because the aim was to have the quilts finished for the forum’s first ever big meet up in Birmingham  on March 20th .  We thought it would be a nice idea to unveil the quilts there so everyone could see them and the best bit was that Nicki actually brought the quilt s back from Switzerland personally so we all got to meet her.

After the get together I thought the project had been so worthwhile that I decided to write to my old pals at “The World of Cross Stitching” again  to see if they would be interested in hearing about the project, which they were  and they put it in their  October (115) magazine.

We later found out that the two quilts been given to two elderly residents at the Castlebar Nursing Home in Sydenham, London.

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