8 Oct 2011

Celtic Spring - Lavender and Lace

July 2004              

The second design in the Celtic Sisters collection from Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum, for Lavender and Lace, Celtic Spring is every bit as opulent as the first of the sisters.

Apparently Celtic Christmas was originally intended to be a one off design but Marilyn was bombarded with requests for this kit after mentioned the possibility of doing one on a stitching news group.  There’s actually five in the series now, one for each of the seasons and the Christmas one, so it gives you some idea of how popular these beautiful beaded designs actually are.

The word ‘Spring’ dominates the top of the piece, with matching beaded sections down either side, as with the Christmas design.

The Celtic lady wears a long flowing gown of regal Lavender and Twilight Blue, highlighted with delicate threads of gold and beads around the bottom and on the train.   
She carries a bouquet of Yellow roses and a coronet of tiny yellow flowers adorns her beautifully shaded blond hair.

The chart suggests stitching on 32 count Cream evenweave fabric but I decided to stitch mine on the same muted Green that I stitched Celtic Christmas on as I thought it complemented the shade of Lavender.

This was another project that took months to stitch and despite having a long time to think about it I really agonised a bit when it came to the framing. 
I had seen some beautiful Silver mouldings that I really loved but I wasn’t sure it was going to work with the gold in her dress
In the end I decided to go for it and it looked beautiful.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look beautiful at the moment though. 
You’ll may have noticed that there’s a big crack across the glass…………….silly me let it slip when I had it down to clean and it  fell against the corner of my dressing table,  so now it’s waiting to be re-glazed.

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